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Dr Robert Lloyd

Dr. Rob, a tenacious force of nature who approaches life with a 100% commitment to everything he does. With contagious laughter that lights up the room, Dr. Rob brings a lively and energetic spirit to our practice, creating an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm.

Beyond his role as a dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Rob is a motorsport enthusiast who embraces the thrill of the open road. His avid love for golf and passion for various sports reflect an individual with a zest for both adventure and recreation.

When he’s not on the move, Dr. Rob enjoys spending quality time with his family and closest friends, cherishing the bonds that matter most. His genuine love for life make him not just a skilled professional but also a cherished member of our veterinary family.

We’re privileged to have Dr. Rob on our team, where his tenacity, laughter, and passion for life contribute to the dynamic and uplifting environment we all appreciate.