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  • Consulting Hours
    We are open Monday to Friday, 07:30 am to 18:30 pm. Saturdays we consult between 08:00 and 12:00. At this stage we do not work on appointments. The days can be long, so the vets work in shifts. If there is someone specific you would rather see, drop us an email or call in and we'll make a plan.
  • Do You Do After-Hour Emergencies
    Unfortunately we are not an emergency clinic, and can not guarantee helping out after consulting hours. We do all live close by, and are happy to assist if we can. Best advice is to give us a call - 0828534004 . If we can attend to you we will gladly do so, else we will refer you to the people who can.
  • What Animals Do You Treat
    Our mainstream line of work is predominantly cats and dogs. We do also do a fairly large component of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. We can assist with the smaller procedures with birds, hedgehogs, snakes, bearded dragons etc, or else will refer to a specialist if need be.
  • Which One Of The Team Is Single and Available…..
    Don't ever date someone involved in the veterinary business..... Trust us........ But don't date us.......
  • What Is The Best Age To Sterilise My Pet
    The age old trusted time was six months. This has started to change occasionally for certain reasons. There are pro's and con's to doing it before their first heat and after their first heat. Please drop us an email if you are uncertain or have any queries. The current general rule of thumb is anywhere between six to twelve months, keeping in mind your little girl could very rarely have her first cycle as early as 5-6 months.
  • Is It Necessary To Sterilise
    The general consensus is that the advantages of getting your little guy or girl sterilised far out-weigh any potential negative side effects. Give us a call or drop us a mail, and we will help address any of your concerns.
  • Does My Animal Need A Dental, And At What Age Do I Start
    This a question that will vary among breeds, their nutrition, genetics, and home dental care. Pop them in for a visit if you're unsure, we won't charge you a consult if they need to be booked in for a cleaning.

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