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Covid-19 Corona Alert!!

Our updated hours and protocols are as follows:

Please note these are current guidelines and may change dependent on demand/staff availability.

  1. We will now be open from 07:30 am until 18:30 pm, as per our previous opening times.
  2. We will be working mainly via walk-in consults. 
  3. There will be only one vet on duty over lunch from 12:00 – 15:00 to facilitate walk-ins. 
  4. On arrival please let reception know you are there, either by coming into the clinic or preferably phoning from you car. We will come to to get you when we are ready. All clients are requested to wait outside until attended, to facilitate social distancing.

We can not stress enough, that we will be working to keep your animals healthy, at great risk to ourselves as well as you. 

If in doubt, please phone through to the clinic or email on vet@boskruinvet.co.za for further advice/assistance.

Please follow the below links for further guidelines from the South African Veterinary Association.

SAVA Practice Guidelines

SAVA Service Guidelines During Lockdown

Welcome to Veterinary Care!

Looking for Great Health Care for Your Pet?

At Boskruin Vet we have a long tradition of trying to build lasting relationships with our clients. Its our aim to make you and your loved one’s visit as easy as possible, in a relaxed welcoming environment. We have a lot of little feet through our door, yet we try to treat each ‘two pairs’ of them as important as they are to you. Give us a try, we aim to not disappoint. 


Give us a call or drop an email to book your pet in for any medical interventions necessary. We cover all general surgeries, as well as most soft tissue and some orthopaedic procedures.

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Give us a call to address any of your questions or concerns regarding your pets health or any up coming procedures.


Accessories / Food
We have a wide range of pet accessories, and general and prescription foods for your pet to eat. Check out our store.

Pet Grooming
We believe grooming should be left to grooming parlours. You wouldn't visit a hospital to get your hair cut after all. We can, however, assist through local groomers to sedate and groom particularly difficult patients if neccesary.

We believe prevention is the corner stone of veterinary care, inevitably reducing dependance on chronic prescription medications and increasing your pets length and quality of life. Regular check-ups are important to keep your pet healthy.

Modern diagnostics, including in-house laboratory, digital imaging and endoscopy, help us to diagnose your pet quickly and keep them healthy

Meet Our Team

After initially completing a BSc in Human Medical Biology and Physiology through WITS, Peter went on to complete his Bachelor of Veterinary Science at University of Pretoria. He graduated end of 2005 and went straight into

Dr Peter van Gils
Veterinary Surgeon - Partner

Marcus joined the practice in 2009, complementing the small team of Dr Hector Dreyer and Dr Peter van Gils. In 2019 he took over 50 % ownership from Hector, joining Peter as one of the owners of the clinic. His interests

Dr Marcus Charl Lessing
Veterinary Surgeon - Partner

After 8 years working in private practice at two other clinics in Northern Johannesburg, Ryan joined our clinic in March 2020 to be closer to home and have more time to spend with his wife and 3 year old daughter. His vast

Dr Ryan Spaull
Veterinary Surgeon

  Dr Moragh Puttck, or MJ as she likes to be called, finished her BSc Veterinary Biology in 2011 and Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2015. Her first two years after leaving Ondestepoort we’re spent at Booysens

Dr Moragh Puttick
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Robyn McCann graduated in 2008, and after spending several years working throughout Africa, she can now be spotted loitering around our clinic on most mornings with her ultrasound machine. Due to our increased work-load

Dr Robyn McCann
Veterinary Surgeon

Our Services


  • Consulting Hours
    We are open Monday to Friday, 07:30 am to 18:30 pm. Saturdays we consult between 08:00 and 12:00. At this stage we do not work on appointments. The days can be long, so the vets work in shifts. If there is someone specific you would rather see, drop us an email or call in and we'll make a plan.
  • Do You Do After-Hour Emergencies
    Unfortunately we are not an emergency clinic, and can not guarantee helping out after consulting hours. We do all live close by, and are happy to assist if we can. Best advice is to give us a call - 0828534004 . If we can attend to you we will gladly do so, else we will refer you to the people who can.
  • What Animals Do You Treat
    Our mainstream line of work is predominantly cats and dogs. We do also do a fairly large component of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. We can assist with the smaller procedures with birds, hedgehogs, snakes, bearded dragons etc, or else will refer to a specialist if need be.
  • Which One Of The Team Is Single and Available…..
    Don't ever date someone involved in the veterinary business..... Trust us........ But don't date us.......
  • What Is The Best Age To Sterilise My Pet
    The age old trusted time was six months. This has started to change occasionally for certain reasons. There are pro's and con's to doing it before their first heat and after their first heat. Please drop us an email if you are uncertain or have any queries. The current general rule of thumb is anywhere between six to twelve months, keeping in mind your little girl could very rarely have her first cycle as early as 5-6 months.
  • Is It Necessary To Sterilise
    The general consensus is that the advantages of getting your little guy or girl sterilised far out-weigh any potential negative side effects. Give us a call or drop us a mail, and we will help address any of your concerns.
  • Does My Animal Need A Dental, And At What Age Do I Start
    This a question that will vary among breeds, their nutrition, genetics, and home dental care. Pop them in for a visit if you're unsure, we won't charge you a consult if they need to be booked in for a cleaning.
This veterinary clinic offers exceptional service. They are excellent with cats and dogs as well as their owners. They are always friendly and are willing to go the extra mile. Their prices are very competitive. - GOOGLE REVIEWS
Kim da Silva
These days its hard to find a vet that actually cares and dont feel like only money making scheme. Boskruin Vet, is one of these hard to find gems. Thanks for the great service! - GOOGLE REVIEWS
Gerrie Pretorius
The best veterinary clinic in the area! The staff are passionate about animals, are always friendly and very helpful. Their rates are the most reasonable in the area too. - GOOGLE REVIEWS
Des Fly
Our family has been going to Boskruin Veterinary Clinic for years. The vets are kind to the animals, caring in their treatment and always take time to explain things to the owner. They have treated our dogs numerous times (dachshund, maltese and toy pom) and even operated om an injured baby mouse and that I found in my garden! They are really good human beings! - TOP VET REVIEW
Michael Thomson
Hector, Peter and the team at Boskruin Vet are excellent. Genuine, caring and compassionate vets who always have the best interest of the animals first and foremost. I have been going there since they opened and from day 1, their passion and dedication has remained consitant throughout. Cannot recommend highly enough and if my pets could speak, I am sure they would agree. - TOP VET REVIEW
I just want to say thank you to everybody at the vet honestly I have never had such friendly and professional service at any doctor or vet for human or animals. Thank you again to Sam and everybody at Boskruin Vet honestly the most highly recommended vet❤ - FACEBOOK
Guys !!! I now know why I drive past 2 other vet clinics and 2km's further to come to you. You have always treated us well, and reconize our needs. You listen and yet you are thorough. And you are half the price than the rip off that I have to drive passed to get to you. Thank you. You will always be our vet and our babies doctors - FACEBOOK
‎Kurt Bauerle-Sims‎
Took Lulu to have a tick removed and had the best experience as always. Just looooove the vet and all the people there - FACEBOOK
Hannelie Viljoen



If you Have Any Emergencies Call Us On 082 853 4004 (Emergencies!)